REVIEW – Head Over Heals for the Boss – Susan Meier

Head Over Heals for the Boss


I really fell in love with the characters of this book!

Isabelle Cooper, as an only child, is devoted to her parents.  She’s kind and helpful to all she meets, and she’s secretly been crushing on Devon Donovan since she was 14 years old.

Devon, oldest of 3, has been taking care of his Mom and younger brothers since before he was even a teenager.  He stepped in to protect them from his abusive Dad, and even after his Dad was out of the picture, he felt like he had to look after them and take care of things in their daily lives, especially after the family inherits a fortune from their grandfather.

Izzy’s parents decide to sell their flower shop to the Donovan family and move south to enjoy their retirement.  Izzy is thrown for a loop because she managed the shop and now is being thrown to the wolves in her eyes.  She can’t deal with seeing Devon every day considering how she feels about him.

Devon informs Izzy that he wants her to work for his families corporation instead of at the flower shop so she can put her MBA in Business to good use.  She is hesitant, but decides to try it.  Working with her every day makes Devon finally notice Izzy for the woman that she has become.

Can Izzy convince Devon to give love a chance, or will he continue to only allow himself to only give in to a secret affair that holds no strings to a future?

** Received free from NetGalley to review **

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