* Review * HER HOLIDAY FLING by Jennifer Snow

I voluntarily read an early copy of this book.

* Review *  HER HOLIDAY FLING by Jennifer SnowHer Holiday Fling by Jennifer Snow
Series: Wild Wedding Nights
Published by Harlequin Blaze on March 1, 2017
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What happens in Hawaii…

Divorce lawyer Hayley Hanna has one week to convince her bosses she's not a "ruthless, man-hating shark." And it's not going to be easy. In a moment of insanity, Hayley agrees to bring her fiancé to the corporate retreat in Maui. But there's one problem: she hasn't got a fiancé.

Enter Chase Hartley—six feet of sexy, sculpted police muscle. Chase needs a date for his sister's island wedding—someone to stop the family matchmakers. The chemistry between Hayley and Chase is just a bonus—one that quickly turns hot nights into sizzling sexcapades. All they have to do is resist believing their own lie. But just because their relationship is fake doesn't mean that falling for each other won't have real consequences!

Opportunity and fairly innocent deception leads the plot in Jennifer Snow’s upcoming Harlequin Blaze novel.  It’s sassy and fun, steamy and sweet and overall just has you wanting them to admit they are feeling something already!  Looking forward to Kate’s story coming soon!

Divorce attorney Hayley Hanna really put her foot in her mouth this time!  What was she thinking agreeing to bring her fiance along on the corporate retreat in Maui??  She doesn’t even HAVE a fiance!  She needs this retreat to go perfectly so she can convince her bosses that she’s not the man hating shark they think she is.

LAPD cop Chase Hartley is not looking forward to his sister matching him up with all of her single friends when he attends her wedding in Hawaii.  He just wants to get there, get it over with and get back to what he loves … working!

Hayley and Chase meet on the plane to Hawaii and come up with the big plan of deception to make everyone think they are a couple.  Will the sparks that actually fly hard between the two of them lead to more than just a casual hookup during their time spent together?


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