* Review * HER HOT HIGHLAND DOC by Annie O’Neil

I voluntarily read an early copy of this book.

* Review * HER HOT HIGHLAND DOC by Annie O’NeilHer Hot Highland Doc by Annie O'Neil
Published by Harlequin Medical Romances on March 1, 2017
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A match made in Scotland

He might have the good looks of a modern-day Viking, but Dr. Brodie McClellan has brooding down to an art. He's only recently returned to the Isle of Dunregan and already the demons of his past are pushing him to the edge.

Running from her own troubled past, this remote posting is heaven-sent for locum Dr. Kali O'Shea. And Brodie makes her long to find her true home in Scotland…in her new boss's arms!

Emotions run high as two doctors, both with painful heartache in their past, meet and try to co-exist as they run a medical clinic in Scotland.

Dr. Brodie McClellan has just come home to the Isle of Denregan to take over his family clinic with a big chip on his shoulder and a lot of weight on his heart.  He’s hit with the memories that he can’t outrun every time he turns around.

As a temporary doctor at the clinic, Dr. Kali O’Shea can’t resist falling in love with the area.  She has a lot of secrets and a truckload of her own heartache that she tries to bury with work and she can’t believe how free she feels in this little piece of paradise!

Will these two be able to help heal the painful pasts they are trying to outrun by turning to each other?


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