* Review * HERO’S RISK by Gina Azzi

* Review * HERO’S RISK by Gina AzziHero's Risk by Gina Azzi
Series: Tennessee Thunderbolts #5
Published by Three Cities Publishing LLC on January 3, 2023
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Nine years ago, Celine Hernandez broke my heart. Eight years ago, she stomped on it for good measure. When Celine moved to LA after high school, I enlisted in the Marines.

After an honorable discharge, I’m home, in Tennessee, living out my dream as a professional hockey player. Now, she’s back in our hometown, filming a movie, and reminding me of a past I’ve tried to forget.

She’s got her name up in lights. She’s shining so bright; she’s acting like she never left. Celine’s everywhere I go — visiting my Gran, having coffee dates with my sister — and forcing me to remember a time when life wasn’t so harsh. When I was whole and thriving. Happy.

But I can’t trust those feelings anymore. I’m not the same man Celine remembers. I’ve lost too much, grieved too hard, and am too broken down for do-overs.

Is my ex-everything a risk my heart can handle? Or is our second chance more sacrifice than salvation?


Emotional and heartwarming! With the fifth book in her always entertaining Tennessee Thunderbolts hockey series Gina Azzi delights her readers with a little more angsty of a character than we are typically used to from her. Beau comes back from the Marines a changed man after all he has seen and done while serving his country and seeing him begin to heal both from the love of family, friends and teammates as well as being reunited with the love of his life is really sweet as a backdrop to the sizzling romance occurring between him and Celine. Filled with heart, humor and happily ever afters!


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