* Review * HIS CHRISTMAS CAROUSEL BABY by Anna J. Stewart

I voluntarily read an early copy of this book.

* Review * HIS CHRISTMAS CAROUSEL BABY by Anna J. StewartHis Christmas Carousel Baby: A Christmas Carousel Story by Anna J. Stewart
Series: 12 Days of Heartwarming Christmas
on October 9, 2018
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The woman who destroyed his dreams is having his baby!

After spending the last year trying to get his song-writing career off the ground, Wally MacIver is back in Christmas Town for good. His dreams and ambition didn't bring him anything other than betrayal and pain, mainly at the hand of his boss, record executive Grayling Stanhope. So much for thinking their "connection" was anything other than business. But the last thing Wally expects is to run into Grayling again...in Christmas Town!

Grayling fell in love with Wally's songs long before she ever met him. Their attraction and connection was immediate, but divided loyalties and her own insecurities cost her the only man she's ever truly loved. She knows he might never trust her again, but there are some secrets she just can't keep. Somehow, some way, they've got to find a way to move beyond the past: especially now that they're going to have a baby!


Betrayals, reconnections and a baby! With her contribution to the 12 Days of Heartwarming Christmas anthology, Anna J Stewart brings us a kindhearted man that we are drawn to from the beginning. His story is attention grabbing and once Grayling arrives in town, we start pulling for them to somehow be able to make their relationship work out. Really enjoyed this wonderfully written story!

Wally MacIver chased his songwriting dream in Nashville for a year, but after feeling the blade a little too closely of that cut throat business, he’s back home where he belongs in Christmas Town, Maine. He thought it was a life that he wanted, but after being betrayed by his boss, who he was also having a relationship with, he quickly cut ties and headed home. If that’s the world that music will get him, he’d rather throw himself back into the carpentry work that he loves and help restore the carousel.

Record executive Grayling Stanhope fell in love with Wally before she even met him simply through the power of the songs that he wrote. When they started working together, their connection was immediate and they quickly gave in to temptation. She let her job and the pressure she felt to do well overpower her reasoning of right from wrong where Wally was concerned and she’s never regretted anything more. She knows he may never trust her again, but she has to try. She arrives in Christmas Town with the goal of mending fences on her mind … and the daunting task of telling Wally he’s going to be a daddy!


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