* Review * HIS ENEMY’S DAUGHTER by Sarah M. Anderson

* Review * HIS ENEMY’S DAUGHTER by Sarah M. AndersonHis Enemy's Daughter by Sarah M. Anderson
Series: First Family of Rodeo
Published by Harlequin Desire on July 1, 2018
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To get what’s rightfully his, he’ll need to get past her.

But this ain’t her first rodeo…

Pete Wellington’s mission: take back his birthright, the All-Stars Rodeo. First, he must earn the trust of Chloe Lawrence, daughter of the city slicker who stole Pete’s legacy. But this princess of the rodeo isn’t who he imagined. Chloe has beauty, business savvy and spirit, leaving Pete to wonder…has he been aiming at the wrong prize all along?


Sweet, sassy and scrumptiously sexy! The next book in Sarah M. Anderson’s First Family of Rodeo series is fast paced, full of strife, and has just enough gentle cowboy worked in there to sweep us off our feet! The groundwork for this story was laid out in the first book of the series, so it was no surprise to see Pete flaring his temper trying to get his rodeo back. The characters thought they hated each other … but spending time together and seeing the real person on the other side of the feud made them open their eyes and realize they actually respected each other … not to mention the sexual tension we could cut with a knife! Really fun read! I’m looking forward to Flash’s story!

Pete Wellington has been trying to get back his family legacy for years. His father lost the All-Stars Rodeo in a poker game, and no matter what method Pete tries, he can’t get the Lawrence family to hand it over. With Chloe now in charge of things, he’s got a sure-fire way planned out to swoop in and force her out … only as he’s spending day after day around her, he realizes she’s not the “daddy’s little princess” that he took her for!

Chloe Lawrence is so tired of working her finger to the bone day in and day out for this rodeo and getting no appreciation from anyone. She’s looked down on because she’s her father’s daughter, she’s looked down on because she’s a female, she’s looked down on because she’s pretty. Enough! If Pete thinks he’s going to race in and pull the wool over her eyes, he’s got another think coming … if only he wasn’t quite so sexy!


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