REVIEW – How Forever Feels – Laura Drewry

How Forever Feels


I really, really enjoyed this story! It warms my heart to see a nice guy win!

Maya McKay is out for a Girls Night with her friends when she runs into Jack Rhodes after 2 years of losing touch with him. They have been friends for 4 years, but drifted apart when her husband Will, Jack’s best friend and pseudo brother, cheated on her, ending their marriage.

Maya is so thrilled to see Jack. And he feels the same. He’s been secretly in love with her since the day they met at a party … the night that she also met Will and started dating him. He kept his distance and stayed in the friend zone while she was with Will, and then felt like he had to keep her at arms length when she and Will split. But seeing her again makes him really want to be with her.

They hang out as friends several times while he’s in town for his job, and eventually admit they are attracted to each other, but still keep fighting it since it’s so awkward. Jack is super close to Will’s family, as they took him in as a teenager from a group home and gave him a good life. He’s very devoted to Will’s Mom in particular and feels like he owes her his loyalty. How will they react if Jack were to start dating Will’s ex-wife. Even though Will was to blame in the break-up, his family is still loyal to him and thinks badly of Maya.

Will Jack and Maya decide to take a chance on love or will old loyalties keep them apart?

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