* Review * HOW TO KEEP A SECRET by Sarah Morgan

* Review * HOW TO KEEP A SECRET by Sarah MorganHow to Keep a Secret by Sarah Morgan
Published by HQN Books on July 10, 2018
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When three generations of women are brought together by crisis, they learn over the course of one hot summer the power of family to support, nourish and surprise

Lauren has the perfect life…if she ignores the fact it’s a fragile house of cards, and that her daughter Mack has just had a teenage personality transplant.

Jenna is desperate to start a family with her husband, but it’s… Just. Not. Happening. Her heart is breaking, but she’s determined to keep her trademark smile on her face.

Nancy knows she hasn’t been the best mother, but how can she ever tell Lauren and Jenna the reason why?

Then life changes in an instant, and Lauren, Mack, Jenna and Nancy are thrown together for a summer on Martha’s Vineyard. Somehow, these very different women must relearn how to be a family. And while unraveling their secrets might be their biggest challenge, the rewards could be infinite…


Family dynamics steal the show in the latest from Sarah Morgan! I was drawn in immediately into the life of Lauren, then when things happen for her, it leads her back home to the US and we meet her sister and mother and start to unravel what makes each character tick and what secrets from the past will mean for the future of this family. They’re faced with challenges of keeping secrets, of accepting people’s mistakes and most of all of learning to forgive and still love each other. Really great story!

When Lauren Hudson’s world crumbles around her, it sends her and her daughter Mack back home to Martha’s Vineyards for the summer. She will have to pick up the pieces from the fallout of the secrets she’s kept for all of these years, and try to move forward with a new life.

Her sister Jenna Sullivan is there to support her every step of the way, but she has her own issues distracting her as well. She wants a baby more than anything, but it’s not happening, and her husband Greg just doesn’t seem all that upset about it. It weighs on her mind each and every day, so how can he be so casual about it?

Her mother Nancy is just as standoffish and judgemental as always, but as they sort through a lifetime of memories over the summer, secrets come to light that explain just why she has always been the way she’s been. Truths are uncovered, new lives are started and above all, love is showered all around!


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