* Review * JARED by Kat Mizera

* Review * JARED by Kat MizeraJared by Kat Mizera
Series: Las Vegas Sidewinders
on June 18, 2019
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The game of love has no rule book...

Former hockey star Jared Wylde is tired of living life on the sidelines. Ten years ago, he lost it all... his career, his wife, his entire world. Everything changes when he's offered the job as head coach of the Las Vegas Sidewinders. It's taken him a long time to let go of the past, but it turns out the past isn't ready to let go of him.

Bestselling romance author Renee DeSantos lives life on her own terms. After overcoming being widowed and sending her daughter off to college, she's finally putting herself first. Everything is going great, until a one-night stand with a sexy stranger unveils what she's been missing. Now that she's had a taste, she's not ready to let go... of him, or the future they could have together.

When the past comes knocking, a son Jared never knew about turns everything upside down. Renee is no stranger to plot twists, but the stakes are higher than ever this time. This is one game Jared doesn't want to lose, but can they score a happily ever after?โ€ƒ


Passion, turmoil and real life problems! With the next book in the Las Vegas Sidewinders series, we get another step forward in hockey life with the coach’s story. The main characters have reached the age where they want comfort and enjoyment of life and they seem to easily find that with each other, but the ever present drama in the lives of young adults and kids may be more than their relationship can withstand. Really enjoyed it!

Former pro hockey player Jared Wylde seemed to have lost it all a decade ago when an injury led to him losing his career at the same time that his marriage imploded and left him picking up the pieces of his body as well as his life afterwards. He went on to coach college hockey, but is now getting the opportunity of a lifetime with the offer of the head coach position for the Las Vegas Sidewinders.

Romance novelist Renee DeSantos thinks she’s living the good life after surviving the loss of her husband many years ago and going on to raise their daughter into adulthood while having a successful writing career. It’s only after she hooks up with Jared at a party for what they both say is just for a good time that she realizes what she’s been missing. There’s an easy connection there that she hasn’t felt in a really long time … but when a son he knew nothing about surfaces, it’s going to rock her stable life … maybe more than she can handle!


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