* Review * KANSAS CITY COP by Julie Miller

* Review * KANSAS CITY COP by Julie MillerKansas City Cop by Julie Miller
Series: The Precinct
Published by Harlequin Intrigue on March 1, 2018
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She cheated death once…But a killer still lurks.

After a gunshot rips streetwise police officer Gina Galvan from the line of duty, all she wants is to return to the front line and stop a shooter. But good guy physical therapist Mike Cutler won’t back down from a challenge, or his blazing attraction to Gina. Without a badge or a gun, Mike is ready to face anyone—including a killer—to prove he’s every inch a hero.


Exciting from start to finish! With the next book in her ever-popular The Precinct series, Julie Miller brings some familiar faces to life. Years ago, we met the hero Mike Cutler Jr. as an angry, yet good-hearted teenager in TAKEDOWN, the book that brought us his father Michael Cutler’s story. It was a really unique experience that we don’t get the pleasure of seeing very often in a Harlequin to turn around a character we already loved from that previous story and make him the one we’re following towards his own happily ever after now. I loved it! If you read that previous book, you already have a warm-fuzzy feeling in your heart for the young man that he was, and now we get to see the man he’s grown into, the life that he has lived since we last saw him, and watch him develop a patient relationship into more when Gina comes into the picture. Great story line, well developed characters and a unique story idea! He couldn’t top his father in my heart, but man did he come close! 🙂

As a cop on the Kansas City Police Department, Gina Galvan lives to take down the bad guys. She’s well on her way towards making her dreams come true in the department when an unexpected bullet takes her down.

Physical therapist Mike Cutler happens to be in the right place at the right time to get a downed officer help in a timely fashion. When his dad brings her to him asking for some PT help down the road, they recognize each other. Mike is intrigued by her, and doesn’t hesitate to show his attraction, but is Gina willing to put aside her tough gal attitude to allow a relationship to develop?


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