* Review * KEEPING HER SEAL by Kat Cantrell

I voluntarily read an early copy of this book.

* Review * KEEPING HER SEAL by Kat CantrellKeeping Her SEAL by Kat Cantrell
Series: ASSIGNMENT: Caribbean Nights
Published by Alpe D'Huez Press on June 27, 2017
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Jace Custer followed his former SEAL team to the Caribbean in hopes of answering the question: what’s next? But he doesn’t fit in at Duchess Island like he did in Iraq. While searching for a place to call his own, Jace unexpectedly finds a home tending bar for Stella Chase, but when the chemistry between them heats up, he realizes he wants more from her than just a job. Stella can’t trust her bartender with her heart—he’s too young, too hot and too much of a player. Jace is determined to strip away her preconceptions of him… but she’s just as determined to hold him at arm’s length. Can a recovering player ever really change his stripes? Or is he destined to never fit into his own life?

Persistence pays off in Kat Cantrell’s latest installment in the ASSIGNMENT: Caribbean Nights series! His former SEAL team buddies give Jace Custer a hard time about what a player he is, but little do they know the love’ em and leave ’em king has done an about face over the last few months! He’s seriously infatuated with his boss at the bar, and he’s determined to get her to see him in a different light! This entire series has been great. We see a bit less of the team and extended family this go round, but Jace & Stella were a quick, fun read!

Former Navy SEAL Jace Custer came to the Caribbean to open an adventure excursion business with a bunch of his teammates, but as much as he loves the guys and the business, it’s just not cutting it for him. He feels like he’s found his place working the bar with Stella … but can he convince her that he’s a permanent addition?

Stella Chase opened up the Crow Bar several years ago when she decided she needed to change her life and live for herself again. She can’t deny her hot bartender is a good guy … but he’s so young, and so sexy, and such a player! She’s been resisting his charms for awhile now, but when he really turns up the flirting and makes his desire for her known, will she decide a fling is just what she needs?


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