REVIEW – Liam’s Witness Protection – Amelia Autin

Liam's Witness Protection


An action packed story of healing and forgiving oneself for what you have to do in order to live, cope and escape life’s perils.

Liam Jones was stopping by the courthouse as a favor to his brother on his way to a few weeks of vacation.  He never expected to hear machine guns exploding in the hallway behind him.  He wasn’t planning to be the only person who could grab the federal witness out from under her bleeding US Marshal protectors and whisk her to safety.  But as U.S. Diplomatic Security Agents, he and his brother Alec were trained to act.  Each killed one of the assassins and Alec got help for the 2 Marshals and 2 Prosecutors who were gunned down, and covered Liam as he got Caterina Mateja out of there.

Cate was supposed to be testifying against crime kingpin, Aleksandrov Vishenko who had held her captive as his personal glorified sex slave for 2 years.  She had gathered as much evidence as she could on all of his illegal dealings before she found a way to escape him.

Liam is drawn to Cate, as she is to him.  But she thinks she’s damaged merchandise who can never feel for a man after the torture she lived through.  Liam shows her that she is still every bit a woman and teaches her that not every man is a monster.

Can Liam keep her safe when Vishenko finds out where they are and makes his move to take her out before she can testify against him?

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