* Review * MARRYING HER SEAL by Kat Cantrell

I voluntarily read an early copy of this book.

* Review * MARRYING HER SEAL by Kat CantrellMarrying Her SEAL by Kat Cantrell
Series: ASSIGNMENT: Caribbean Nights
Published by Alpe D'Huez Press on March 22, 2017
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Navy SEAL Jaxon Hyland can fix anything—except the inconvenient attraction he's always had for his gorgeous best friend. It was easy to maintain a hands-off policy when he was deployed half a world away but when Thora pops up on Duchess Island, the Caribbean paradise Jack calls home, everything changes. Emotionally bruised by a bad breakup, Thora needs Jack now more than ever. Jack has never been able to tell her no, not even when she asks him to marry her. It's supposed to be temporary. 100% fake. Platonic. But how long can that really last when she's the only woman he's ever wanted?

A decadently fun friends-to-lovers romance! We’ve seen glimpses of Jack & Thora previously in the series, and we just knew their story was going to be a blast … and it is! They have a super strong friend connection dating back more than 2 decades and know that when they look each other in the eye, they are seeing the one person that has their back no matter what. When they actually begin to let their attraction show through, it’s magic!

When a team of former Navy SEAL’s retired and decided to open up a business together in the Caribbean, we expected a lot of fun … and we sure have gotten it! These guys are finding their happily-ever-afters left and right, and this time it’s Jack’s turn!  Jaxon Hyland’s one true stable in life has been his friendship with Thora. She is the only person that knows his secrets and loves him regardless. When she has a break-up and needs some place to nurse her wounds, it’s Jack she runs to.

Jack would do anything for her … but he doesn’t think he’s going to have to go quite THIS far to prove it.  Marrying her .. in name only .. for a short amount of time? She’s really pulling on the strings of friendship with this one!


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