* Review * MARTINEZ’S PREGNANT WIFE by Rachael Thomas

I voluntarily read an early copy of this book.

* Review * MARTINEZ’S PREGNANT WIFE by Rachael ThomasMartinez's Pregnant Wife by Rachael Thomas
Series: Convenient Christmas Brides
Published by Harlequin Presents on January 1, 2018
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Expecting her husband’s baby

When Lisa Martinez last saw her estranged husband, Maximiliano, she was walking out on their relationship for good. Her heart and dignity in tatters after once more giving in to the temptation of Max’s seduction, she knew divorce was her only option. Except Lisa’s heartbreaking plans are halted by unexpected nine-month consequences!

Max never wanted a family, so Lisa is appalled when he refuses to relinquish his child and demands she return to their marriage bed! For their unborn baby’s sake, Lisa agrees. Dare she hope to find more than mindless pleasure in her husband’s arms?


Will they … or won’t they? The big question as we dash into this holiday romance is whether Max and Lisa will be able to salvage their marriage. He doesn’t want to risk his heart, she has already fallen hard for him and only wants to be loved in return. Will they be able to find a common ground to build on or will they walk away? The characters are intriguing and I enjoyed their connection and learning about the past that made him who he is today. The one thing that I thought would have added more to the plot was to actually bring their jobs more into the mix of daily life. They were supposed to be working together, yet we never really saw that interaction.

Maximiliano Martinez has a family past that leads him to close himself off from the world. He never planned to marry, but he was so taken with Lisa in the beginning that he thought he could make it work when they rushed into a wedding. He broke her heart when he told her he couldn’t love her and thought they should end their marriage.

Lisa Martinez fell hard for Max and even though he hurt her tremendously, she still fell into his arms again a couple of months ago when they were working late one night. She mistakenly thought it meant more than it did, but he rectified her thinking on that as soon as the morning came! Their marriage is close to being over … she’s just waiting on him to sign the papers … only now she’s added a little something to the pot that he just might not be able to walk away from so easily … an heir!


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