* Review * MASTER COLE by Marie Tuhart

* Review * MASTER COLE by Marie TuhartMaster Cole by Marie Tuhart
Published by Trifecta Publishing House on February 19, 2018
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Janie Murphy’s glimpse inside of lifelong friend Cole Daniels’ special playroom has her intrigued, even if she has no physical experience with such wild pleasures. She only knows she’s been attracted to him for years and yearns for a relationship between them – and she’s not afraid to try a little kink.

Dominant Cole Daniels never imagined he’d find himself in the position of dragging a very grown-up and very attractive Janie out of a BDSM club. And when she challenges him to be the one to teach her the joys of the wilder side of intimacy or allow someone else the sheer pleasure of initiating her, he can’t resist.

As Janie begins to fall in love, witnessing a true power exchange causes her the painful realization that touching Cole’s heart is beyond her dreams.

When Janie leaves him, can Cole open his heart to the woman he truly loves? And will she be willing to handle all of Cole?


Friends to more in the blink of an eye! The friendship and familiarity of the main characters makes this a more personal feeling book than you might often get right off the bat. I loved their connection, and I felt for each of them as they felt their way through where this was all going to lead for them. It’s a pretty mild read in the world of BDSM, but the close-knit relationship made it special.

Janie Murphy has been curious about the BDSM lifestyle for years now, ever since she got a glimpse of her life-long friend Cole’s masterful playroom! She’s living back in town now and just so happens to be staying with Cole, and she’s determined she’s going to get him to open his eyes to the woman in front of him even if she has to play with someone else to prove her point!

Cole Daniels is furious when he has to go and drag Janie out of a BDSM club. Yes, she’s a grown woman and can make her own choices, but he’s not going to let any other man touch her! He won’t admit his feelings about her, but he makes a deal to teach her the things she wants to know in a loving way. Something happened in his past that made him close off a part of his heart, and even now when things are so good with Janie, he can’t release his feelings and give her the love that she wants. It breaks her heart, but she’s willing to walk away if she has to!


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