* Review * MIRACLE FOR THE NEUROSURGEON by Lynne Marshall

I voluntarily read an early copy of this book.

* Review * MIRACLE FOR THE NEUROSURGEON by Lynne MarshallMiracle for the Neurosurgeon by Lynne Marshall
Published by Harlequin Medical Romances on May 1, 2017
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From doctor…to daddy?

Neurosurgeon Wes Van Allen is used to being at the top of his game, so when an accident puts him in a wheelchair, he'll push himself to the limit to regain his strength—he just needs a physical therapist who can keep up!

Enter Mary Harris, whose sweet kisses he's never forgotten! She'll help Wes achieve his dream, if he helps her achieve hers—a baby! Captivated by Mary's sunny optimism, dare Wes hope for the ultimate miracle—a family, with Mary by his side?

An inspirational story of overcoming what life throws at you and finding a way to be all that you can be regardless! I really enjoyed this “feel good” story … not only did we feel the genuine fondness that they felt for each other from the very beginning of the book, but as they let their guard down and shared their inner most thoughts and feelings with each other, we watched their inner beings strengthen and a personal depth shine through. Great characters, a solid plot and a top of the line job of showing the drawbacks of life in a wheelchair, as well as a good bit about newer studies and technologies that are being developed.

Neurosurgeon Wesley Van Allen was at the top of his game when a freak accident put him into a wheelchair and stripped him of the ability to see a future worth anything at all. He is angry and bitter and trying with all of his might to not become the weakling that people see when they see him in this contraption.

Physical therapist Mary Harris has known and adored Wes for years as his sister’s best friend. She is putting her foot down and taking over for a couple of months to get him whipped into shape. She won’t let him ignore the part of him that doesn’t work anymore, and is set on getting him stronger and better equipped with skills to achieve the brogjt future he can easily still have!

As attraction boils to the surface and awkward talks abound, will they decide to take their friendship to a new level? And when Wes finds out that Mary would give anything to have a baby … will he volunteer to be the daddy?



  1. I need to write my review for this, but it was such a delightful read with the way they help each other. It so makes me look forward to reading more by Lynne Marshall.

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