* Review * MISADVENTURES WITH THE BOSS by Kendall Ryan

I voluntarily read an early copy of this book.

* Review * MISADVENTURES WITH THE BOSS by Kendall RyanMisadventures with the Boss by Kendall Ryan
Series: Misadventures
Published by Waterhouse Press on April 24, 2018
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At age twenty-nine, Piper Daniels is having the longest dry spell of her life. When she agrees to be set up on a blind date, she never expects it to end with the hottest sex of her life.

But when she discovers that her very well-endowed secret lover is also her new boss, heartless womanizer and cutthroat CEO Jackson Dane, she chalks it up to a one-time mistake and puts up her best professional front. But Jackson isn’t used to rejection, and if Piper thinks it’s going to be easy to move on from their tryst, she’s underestimated his determination.


Delightfully fun! With a delve into the Misadventures series, Kendall Ryan brings us a fast paced joy! It’s a simple plot, with lots of laughs, a ton of heat and a super sweet connection when we least expect it that makes it a gem of a book to read! Really enjoyed it!

She’s new in town and setting out to make new friends, find new hangouts, and if she’s lucky, live a little! Piper Daniels has no clue that the one time she decides to throw caution to the wind and have a wicked one-night stand, it’s going to be with her new boss at the job she starts the next day … what a nightmare!

Jackson Dane wants nothing more than meaningless sex with an anonymous body to work off the tension of working night and day to become the success he always wanted to be! He’s not one to have relationships, but when he realizes the woman who blew his mind last night is his new assistant, he might be willing to make a new policy just for her!


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