* Review * NEVER TOO LATE by Danielle Steel

I voluntarily read an early copy of this book.

* Review * NEVER TOO LATE by Danielle SteelNever Too Late by Danielle Steel
Published by Dell on March 5, 2024
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Kezia Cooper Hobson, recently widowed, arrives in New York from San Francisco. Determined to make a fresh start, she has just completed the sale of her Pacific Heights home, not to mention her husband’s venture capital firm, and in doing so, is also freed from her responsibility as a board member of the company. Bringing with her only a few personal treasures, she is excited to move into the blank slate of a beautiful midtown penthouse, in the city that she has always loved. It is also where her two adult daughters now live.

As Kezia settles into her new apartment, she meets her movie-star next-door neighbor, Sam Stewart, whose terrace borders hers. Just a couple of weeks after she arrives, however, a devastating crisis strikes New York City. Kezia and Sam find themselves connecting over their strong impulse to help those in need. As they share a life-changing experience of volunteering, a bond is sparked and a friendship is formed.

Kezia’s daughters, Kate and Felicity, are taken aback by their mother’s new friendship, both more focused on their own love lives than hers. But Kezia is learning that the changes she’s making are just what she needs to open new horizons.


Dramatic and emotionally gripping from start to finish! Danielle Steel is showing her voice complexity as she details angst and terror in the blink of an eye but builds from it a camaraderie and spirit that lifts the reader’s perspective into one of hope after devastation. There is a core family from the start of the book that changes and turns as each member rides their own ups and downs of life while coming together to celebrate and mourn the tides that pass. Romance is a succinct part of this storyline, but takes a back seat to strength and redefining as life twists and turns with surprises and angst. I know this book may trigger some, but hope the majority will go on to find the comfort of spirit and togetherness that Steel displays so well in the aftermath. Strong storyline, complex and admirable characters and a satisfying rediscovery. Loved it!



  1. Just don’t like that she write book about a bombing in New York worse than 911. That was tragic enough I don’t want to read about a made up tragedy about same thing that was so tragic! Just think was bad choice on her part

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