REVIEW – Obsession Falls – Christina Dodd

Obsession Falls


The second book in the Virtue Falls series is riveting!  Edge of your seat suspense!  I did not read the first in the series, yet this one was perfectly understandable as a stand alone book.

It all starts with 29 year old Taylor Summers returning to her childhood home, Wildrose Valley to try to connect with herself and remember her early childhood.  While stopped to sketch the mountains, she stumbles across a kidnapping and a murder about to happen.  She puts herself in harms way to distract the killers from the young boy they are planning to kill.

After hiding in a cave overnight to get away, Taylor makes her way to town and breaks into her old childhood home.  She is cold and starving and needs to find a way to get in touch with the authorities.  When she finds a connection to the internet, she is shocked to see her name in the headlines as having been in on the kidnapping of 9 year old Miles, nephew of rich and powerful Kennedy McManus.  She finds out she is believed to have died in an explosion set by the kidnappers.

Taylor spends months surviving any way she can, trying to figure out how to get her life back.  After many trials and tribulations, she starts a new life in Virtue Falls, Washington as Summer Leigh, a housing concierge.  She makes friends with many in the town, and bides her time until she is able to get contact to Kennedy McManus in a way that she thinks will not put her in danger.  She needs to convince him that she wasn’t in on his nephews kidnapping and get him to help her get her life back.

Weeks go by and finally Kennedy shows up.  He’s been obsessed with finding her for a year now, never believing that she was in on it.  It was only a story fed to the press to keep his nephew safe from the kidnappers in case they returned.  Taylor/Summer and Kennedy join forces to figure out who is behind the kidnapping, murders and stalking.  It leads to an explosive ending that you won’t want to miss.  And just when they think they can have a happily ever after …. will they be able to?

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  1. This sounds so good, really intrigued now!

    • It’s a good one Libby! I can’t wait until the next one now, because something happens at the end that leads you to believe that it’s not over. 🙂

  2. This sounds like a good one. 🙂

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