* Review * ONCE UPON A COWBOY by Rachel Lacey

* Review * ONCE UPON A COWBOY by Rachel LaceyOnce Upon a Cowboy by Rachel Lacey
Series: Almost Royal #2
on July 2, 2019
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Megan Perl went from beauty to beast when a car accident left her permanently scarred. Before, Megan was outgoing and vivacious, always with a man at her side. Now? She spends more time behind a camera than in front of it. She’s ready to turn her hobby into something more by offering photography sessions at the castle where she works. This year is dedicated to her career, not men. If only she wasn’t so crazy-attracted to the cowboy who’s renting the stable on the castle grounds…

Jake Reardon is no stranger to tragedy. After a fall left his bride in a coma on their wedding day, he was forced to watch her slowly fade away in a hospital bed. Now, he finds himself in the unwelcome position of virgin widower. At Rosemont Castle, he can finally focus on establishing his career as a horse trainer. The only problem is that his new landlady makes him hotter than the Virginia sun.

Sparks fly every time Jake and Megan cross paths, but there’s no way he’s going to lose his virginity with the woman who manages the property he’s leasing. As their attraction grows, though, so do their emotions. Jake carries his scars inside, but Megan has to wear hers for the world to see. Can love heal their wounds, or will it tear them apart?


Two wounded souls collide! With the next book in her quaint modern day fairy tale Almost Royal series, Rachel Lacey once again takes us on an emotional journey of redemption with her cast of kindhearted folks always game to help an animal and a lost soul. Fun characters, an interesting setting and lots of adorable critters worked into the mix!

Megan Perl used to be the outgoing one in the group who was always up for a good time and chasing the next adventure in life … until a freak accident left her scarred and hating life. She’s slowly regaining some confidence and has opened another part of the world to her heart through her growing gift of photography. Now if only she could get her heart to stop beating out of her chest every time she encounters their new tenant!

Jake Reardon is finally branching out into a horse training business of his own, and the risk of it all is always on his mind as he waits with baited breath to see if the business is going to come calling. He too has had his share of heartache and misfortune in his short life, so he recognizes Megan’s discomfort when he sees it. He also sees the attraction he feels reflecting back from her eyes as well!


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