** Review ** ONE TOUGH TEXAN Barb Han

I voluntarily read an early copy of this book.

** Review **  ONE TOUGH TEXAN  Barb HanOne Tough Texan by Barb Han
Series: Cattlemen Crime Club
Published by Harlequin Intrigue on January 1, 2017
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Small-town Texas with high-stakes risks

Alice Green lives with ghosts. A rogue cop whose mistake led to the loss of a young girl's parents, Alice is haunted by the decisions that halted her sterling career. And now the same girl who lost her parents has been abducted. And Alice will stop at nothing to find her.

Joshua O'Brien doesn't want to tell his brothers—fellow inheritors of his deceased parents' ranch—that he has bigger plans. Applying to work for the FBI brings the possibility of an exciting and illustrious career. But when he meets Alice, whose beauty is only surpassed by her brain, it doesn't take long for things to heat up. And while helping her crack a case might save a life…it could also cost him his own.

With the next book out in her Cattlemen Crime Club series, Barb Han thrusts us into Joshua’s story with a heart stopping opening scene that sets the stage for a book filled with intrigue and romance!  Looking forward to learning more about the mystery of this family.

Joshua O’Brien has begrudgingly returned home to his family ranch in Bluff, Texas, but he doesn’t know how to break it to his brother’s that if his dream job that he’s been chasing becomes available, he’s not planning to stay and run the ranch with them.

Alice Green is on her own trying to track down a missing teenager when Joshua runs across her.  When he hears the situation, he sets out to use his connections to help her with her search, but also to protect her from herself when she continually endangers herself without a thought because of her guilt of a day gone wrong that changed that girl’s life forever.


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