* Review * ONE UNFORGETTABLE WEEKEND by Andrea Laurence

* Review * ONE UNFORGETTABLE WEEKEND by Andrea LaurenceOne Unforgettable Weekend by Andrea Laurence
Series: Millionaires of Manhattan
Published by Harlequin Desire on June 1, 2018
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An accident stole her memory.

A chance encounter brings it crashing back.

Violet Niarchos can’t recall the affair that gave her a child. But when she runs into Aidan Murphy, she knows the sexy bar owner is no stranger. He was her lover over one amazing weekend. He’s her baby’s father. But will Aidan believe she truly forgot all they shared? Or that the high-class heiress is faking it to save her reputation?


A blast from the past! A really fun amnesiac had a surprise baby story! The plot, while a little unorthodox caught my attention from the first page, and kept it throughout the story. I enjoyed both of the main characters, and watching them find their way to forever. Fast paced and very entertaining!

Violet Niarchos didn’t expect that day to be any different than her average day, but when a man walks into her office and speaks her name, she’s hit with a flood of memories she thought were gone forever! They spent one amazing weekend together that led to an adorable baby boy … only she didn’t remember it until she saw him again!

Aidan Murphy can’t figure out if Violet is trying to pull his leg or what, but this story seems a bit far fetched. She was in an accident on the way home from his house and now doesn’t remember their time together nor did she see fit to tell him she was pregnant? And now the second she’s caught, she’s magically healed? He really liked her, but he’s not sure he’s buying it!


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