I voluntarily read an early copy of this book.

* REVIEW * ONLY IN HIS SWEETEST DREAMS by Dani CollinsOnly In His Sweetest Dreams by Dani Collins
Series: Secret Dreams Book 2
on February 1, 2017
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When Mercedes Kimball’s sister abandons her children, Mercedes takes in her confused niece and nephew, jeopardizing the job she loves at a retirement community. The sexy new handyman’s bedroom eyes promise to fix anything, but he can’t fix this.

L.C. Fogarty is trash, not Father Of The Year, but he’s happy to be Mercedes’s sounding board. Given their white-hot attraction, he’d love to see what they could do to a headboard, but he’s keeping a secret she won’t forgive. Confessing means facing untold heartache and going back to where he never belonged. He’d rather stay with Mercedes and her misfit family.

She might not get to keep that family, though. Which means she’s going to need him.

Such a great story!!  I so want more!  How about another book or two?  I could really enjoy seeing Mercerdes & L.C. again … maybe in Zack’s story … and Porsha’s story??? 🙂  I adored seeing them overcome their past to actually get a life they deserved!

When Mercedes Kimball’s sister decides to take a “vacation” from her kids, she’s left with no option but to take them in and make her life work around them.  It might end up getting her fired from her job at the retirement community that she loves, but she can’t just stand by and watch while these kids are neglected!

L.C. Fogarty winds up crossing paths with Mercedes through happenstance, and the red-hot attraction they both feel instantly is not easy to ignore!  He takes the job of a temporary handyman, and they become friends.  He doesn’t think he’s worth much in life, but she seems to take some comfort from bouncing problems off of him and getting his opinion, so he’s happy to help her if he can.

Mercedes might lose her ready-made family any day if her sister comes back, but L.C. enjoys sharing times with them more than he wants to deal with his own family issues.  As they grow closer and secrets from his past come out, will she want to have anything more to do with him?


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