* Review * PINE LAKE by Amanda Stevens

* Review * PINE LAKE by Amanda StevensPine Lake by Amanda Stevens
Published by Harlequin Intrigue on October 1, 2017
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The murder of security expert Jack King’s girlfriend has haunted him for fifteen years. Returning to Pine Lake, Texas, where the townsfolk still consider him suspect, might not be the smartest move, but a killer seems to be holding up a mirror to his past. The same witness to this new murder was also present the night Jack’s girlfriend dieds…but both times, she was sound asleep…

Sleepwalking has gotten Olive Belmont into some sticky situations. Being the witness to both murders may have put her on the killer’s list. Even so, she doesn’t think the killer is Jack and is willing to help him. But will putting his past to rest ease her mind or leave her with even greater nightmares?


A classic who-done-it! With multiple people acting suspiciously, we’re on the hunt for the true culprit from beginning to end. There’s not a huge amount of romance to the story, but the characters are really easy to connect with, and I enjoyed them both from the start. With a lot of subterfuge, it’s a fun read as we go back and forth trying to figure out who is looking more guilty than the next!

Security expert Jack King left his hometown of Pine Lake, Texas behind 15 years ago, but the trauma and loss he experienced before he left continues to haunt him to this day. His high school girlfriend was murdered … a beautiful, fun-loving spirit who deserved a warm and fulfilling life … and the whole town thought he did it!

Recent events have brought Jack back to town to figure out what’s really going on in Pine Lake. He’s received calls from his so-called former best friends, both shining light on the other’s actions and possible deception. Just after arriving, he runs across Olive Belmont in a very dangerous situation. He puts himself out there to help her, and as new things come to light it appears her sleepwalking habit might have had her subconsciously witnessing two murders!


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