* Review * PLAYING DIRTY by Amy Andrews

* Review * PLAYING DIRTY by Amy AndrewsPlaying Dirty by Amy Andrews
Series: Sydney Smoke Rugby Series
Published by Entangled: Brazen on July 9, 2018
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Sydney Smoke star recruit Kyle Leighton can’t believe the best sex of his life was just a one-night stand. He didn’t even know her name… Until she shows up at the locker room two weeks later and he connects the dots.

Val King. Oh shit.

Coach has one hard and fast rule: Never, ever date (much less f*ck ten ways to Sunday) his daughter. And not only did Kyle break that rule, but he wants to break it over and over again. In the shower. Against a wall. On every flat surface in his home.

But the coach and his daughter share more than just DNA. Their issues run deep and fooling around with her could widen the family chasm.

And get Kyle benched for life.

So why can’t he stop thinking about her? Flirting with her? Suggesting they date for real and damn the consequences?


A steamy hot, forbidden affair! With the next book in her Sydney Smoke Rugby Series, Amy Andrews takes us on a delectable ride of riveting sex, heartfelt connections and just down right fun people to hang out with! I loved Kyle and Val’s story so much!

Professional rugby player Kyle Leighton might not have known anything but a first name for the one-night stand that rocked his world, but she certainly knew who he was … and the added metaphorical “screw you” finger in the air to her father was just icing on top of the yummy cake! Fast forward a few days and he happens to catch sight of her outside the locker room and lays a massive kiss on her … only to hear the growl of the coach who already seems to hate his guts behind him telling him to unhand his daughter. His daughter?? What has he done? He’s already on the outs for being the new guy, can he really afford to further antagonize?

Valerie King knew the rule her father laid down to his team about her, but she has had just about enough from her father to last a lifetime, so if she could thumb her nose at him in a way that also made her night, oh well! She’s not happy that she got Kyle in trouble though. He’s actually a really nice guy … and he doesn’t seem wiling to walk away from her just because he’s going to get into trouble either!


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