REVIEW: Playing With Fire – Kate Meader

Playing With Fire


Okay, I’m hooked!  My first reading of a Kate Meader book will most definitely not be my last.  In fact, I’m going to have to go looking for the previous ones from this Hot in Chicago series soon!

Chicago is practically up in flames from the heat Alexandra Dempsey and Eli Cooper put off anytime they are in the same room together.  She loves to hate him … the all important, cocky Mayor.  He thinks she’s a feisty nuisance who needs to be put in her place … and he relishes the idea of being the one to put her there.

As the only female firefighter on Engine Co 6, Alex is out to prove herself.  She isn’t shy about speaking her mind, but her temper gets her into trouble on the job and brings her to Eli’s attention.  She’s happy to still have her job, but knows it’s because the public rallied around her, not because he did her any favor.  When the public starts to see the sparks between them anytime they are in front of cameras together, Eli comes up with a plan to “fake” date to help his re-election campaign.  He coerces Alex into agreeing.

Will their dislike of each other foil the plan, or will the attraction pulling them towards each other win out?  Will she be able to let her guard down and show her softer side?  Will he be able to show her that he’s more than just an arrogant ass?  When their time together starts to develop into real feelings, get ready for a hot, sexy ride along the way.

** Received free from NetGalley for a review **

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