* Review * POWER PLAY by Catherine Gayle

I voluntarily read an early copy of this book.

* Review * POWER PLAY by Catherine GaylePower Play by Catherine Gayle
Series: Portland Storm
Published by Night Shift Publishing on June 29, 2017
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She’s got the dress; he’s got the honeymoon. Why not tie the knot?

Honeymooning alone in Cabo, injured Portland Storm center Riley Jezek would do anything to get back at his cheating ex-fiancée and backstabbing brother. When a knockout blonde sits next to him at the bar, Riley’s ready to erase the memories of his ex. But when he notices the tears threatening to stain the blonde’s wedding gown, Riley decides it’s time for a Power Play.

Mackenzie Cain thought she had it all figured out. She found the man. She found the fairytale. She thought it was her dream come true. She was wrong. What she found was a nightmare with a crazy fetish. Alone and dressed in couture was not how she envisioned her wedding night.

When the sexy hockey player makes her an offer, Mackenzie can’t refuse. After all, Prince Charming always shows up by chance. But can Riley’s attempt at revenge turn Mackenzie’s new reality into a page-turning romance?

Another sexy hockey player bites the dust when a vision in white catches his eye! You might go into this book expecting your typical dirty talking, arrogant pro sports guy who thinks he’s God’s gift … and yeah, we get a little of that because we wouldn’t love it any other way 🙂  … but we also get a kind, down-to-earth guy who despite his past, is a genuinely good guy! A sweet love story ensues with an abundance of adorably heartwarming moments!

Portland Storm hockey player Riley Jezek didn’t expect to be spending his honeymoon in Cabo alone at the bar, but that’s exactly where he finds himself. Mackenzie Cain thought she had found her soul mate and was on the way towards happily ever after when an ugly reality slams her in the face. Stranded alone in Cabo in tears in her wedding dress is not how she planned for this day to end.

She’s already in her wedding dress, he’s already paid for the honeymoon … why not get hitched?? Seeing his perfect opportunity to stick it to his cheating ex-fiance and his loser brother, Riley jumps at the chance! Will he regret his new bride once they are back on his home turf and real life comes knocking?


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