* Review * PRIDE AND PRESENTS by Cheryl Harper

I voluntarily read an early copy of this book.

* Review * PRIDE AND PRESENTS by Cheryl HarperPride and Presents: A Christmas Wedding Story by Cheryl Harper
Series: 12 Days of Heartwarming Christmas
on October 9, 2018
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Beth Long is navigating the week before her best friend’s Christmas wedding with a strained smile and an unexpected houseguest. Instead of dreading the arrival of her ex-husband and his gold medal-winning fiancée, she’s defending Christmas Town’s over-the-top everything to disapproving Steven Dorsey. She should be busy planning the bridal party’s hair and makeup or collecting loose change from every couch in town to cover the final loan payment on her shop. Smoothing ruffled feathers, advising a clueless man, and reluctantly falling for him are distractions she doesn’t want.

Steven Dorsey has never been more aware of his social deficiencies than when he stumbles into Beth Long’s beauty salon. She’s too warm. Witty. Vibrant. Their elderly audience is too nosy. Accepting the Christmas Eve wedding invitation issued by an old friend, the groom-to-be, means spending the holiday inside a snow globe’s village. The carousel restoration project provides additional, interesting incentive. Staying with Beth for the week is his only option, but when his sister is added to the mix, he understands that Beth and Christmas Town, odd as it is, might be home.


Opposites attract! With her contribution to this years holiday anthology, Cheryl Harper brings us the story of an over-worked hairdresser who left the big city to return to her comfortable small town roots who then starts to fall for the city guy who is only passing through. The characters and their stories are easy to become addicted to, and their love story is a sweet ride.

Beauty salon owner Beth Long should be happily helping her best friend Lisa plan her spur of the moment Christmas Eve wedding, but instead she finds herself stressing over the fact that her ex-husband and his new bride will be flitting into town soon to attend and she doesn’t have the final loan payment she had promised him. To top it all off, she’s guilted into taking in a house guest when John’s old friend arrives early to help with the carousel restoration and there’s no place other place available for him to stay.

Steven Dorsey lives a totally different life than what he walks into in Christmas Town, Maine, so it’s a bit of a culture shock walking into Beth’s beauty salon that first day. He doesn’t make a very good first impression on anyone in town, but as he slowly starts to let his guard down and get to know the people around him, he starts to see why they find the town so attractive to live in. When his sister arrives in town and he gets to see the joy in her eyes, he starts to change his attitude.


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