* Review * RAIN DANCE by Catherine Gayle

I voluntarily read an early copy of this book.

* Review * RAIN DANCE by Catherine GayleRain Dance by Catherine Gayle
Series: Tulsa Thunderbirds #5
Published by Night Shift Publishing on September 28, 2017
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He's in a drought. No rain. No goals. No women.
She has what it takes to quench his thirst.

Ethan Higgins, a defenseman for the Tulsa Thunderbirds, is in a rut. He hasn't scored a goal in ages, and he hasn't had a woman in his bed for even longer. The only thing in his favor is that he gets to spend time with his son when the T-Birds play at home on the weekends. Determined to be nothing like his abusive father, Ethan sets out to show his son how a real man behaves, and Natalie Turner gives him the perfect opportunity to do so.

Natalie has nowhere to turn when her boyfriend gets physical with her, this time in public--at least not until Ethan steps in to offer her a safe place to stay. Wary of trusting anyone, especially another hockey player, and even more so one as rough and tough as Ethan, Natalie attempts to resist the lure she feels toward the protective man. When Ethan's son does a Rain Dance, the skies open up. But will soaking their hardened and cracked hearts be enough to end the drought?


A gritty and emotional read! It’s not unusual for Catherine Gayle to tug at our heart strings with her endearing hockey romance novels, but this book far and away reaches a deeper part of us and makes us feel more than ever … incredible anger, deep sadness and heartfelt empathy. With powerful words, she takes us deep into a situation of domestic abuse and the courageous aftermath. The characters were well developed with many familiar faces showing up from past books in the series, and the plot was very moving. Great read!

Tulsa Thunderbirds defenseman Ethan Higgins is living a fairly quiet life these days. He’s in a rut in the game, he’s not dating anyone or even casually hooking up much … he’s just enjoying his time as a Dad as often as possible when he has visitation with his son and trying to be nothing like his abusive old man. When a volatile situation arises in front of him and his son, he has to step up and help … not only does he want to help her for his own peace of mind, but he also needs to show his son how a man should treat a lady.

Natalie Turner needs help … she just doesn’t know if she can trust to take it. When her boyfriends decides it’s okay to start punching her out in public this time, it draws attention and further humiliates her. Ethan offers her help, but at first she can’t accept it. He’s another huge hockey player and if the one she currently has treats her this way, why wouldn’t he? When the situation worsens, she finally reaches out to him … and finds herself having the greatest protector around on her side!


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