* Review * RECLAIMED BY THE KNIGHT by Nicole Locke

* Review * RECLAIMED BY THE KNIGHT by Nicole LockeReclaimed by the Knight by Nicole Locke
Series: Lovers and Legends
Published by Harlequin Historical on September 1, 2018
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He left to save his family…

Now he’s back!

Nicholas of Mei Solis swore to do anything to protect his home—even going away to fight for it. This meant leaving beautiful Matilda, too. Now Nicholas has returned briefly to lay to rest the ghosts of his past. But one look at Matilda, now widowed and with child, changes everything. Suddenly Nicholas is compelled to stay…and to take back the future they both thought they’d lost…


A historical rendition of lost love reconnecting! With an in depth depiction of several characters who were the best of friends once upon a time, but who now have feelings of betrayal floating around them. Nicholas and Matilda are both quick to grab our attention, and as they begin the slow process of reconnecting and forgiving each other, we get a glimpse of what the future could hold for them. Danger is swirling, but true love is once again beaming a powerful force. Really good read!

Nicholas sacrificed himself and many years of his life in order to raise the money needed to keep his family homestead running and receiving the upgrading that it needed. Now he has arrived home, to confront his past and the ones he thinks have done him wrong.

Matilda was betrothed to Nicholas all those years ago when he left, but when he stopped writing or responding and never returned home, she went on to marry another. Now widowed and pregnant, she’s not sure how to react when Nicholas returns. She’s still angry, yet seeing him brings back those same old feelings.


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