* Review * REDEEMING THE REBEL DOC by Susan Carlisle

I voluntarily read an early copy of this book.

* Review * REDEEMING THE REBEL DOC by Susan CarlisleRedeeming the Rebel Doc by Susan Carlisle
Published by Harlequin Medical Romances on March 1, 2018
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She was hired to rebuild his reputation…

But will this doc be too hot to handle?

After successfully fighting a year-long lawsuit, handsome, rebellious surgeon Rex Maxwell is ready to get back on top of his game! So when buttoned-up but beautiful PR exec Tiffani Romano insists on making him the center of his hospital’s campaign, he reluctantly agrees. And though she tries hard not to let him, Rex is determined to get under her skin…


Susan Carlisle’s Harlequin Medical Romance’s are always a joy to read! She brings a character to life in the midst of medical situations that feel real and add a flair of drama to the plot that captures our attention and has us feeling like we’ve known the characters forever before we know it. With this particular book, we meet a pair of unlikely suitors who each have their own past that they are trying to come, while getting to know the other opens their eyes more than they ever expected to not only the other person, but also to some wrong thinking they’ve had about themselves over the years.

Rough around the edges doctor, Rex Maxwell hates coming across as anything other than the authentic person that he is, so when the hospital board brings in a PR firm to sugar-coat his image after he overcomes a year-long lawsuit, he feels like it’s forced. He’ll grin and bear it for awhile, but he doesn’t have to like it!

Public relations guru Tiffani Romano has her own reasons for being less than thrilled about her current assignment at Metropolitan Hospital, but as time passes and she lets her guard down, she comes to realize Rex isn’t quite the pompous guy she was expecting. The old saying about opposites attracting just might be true, because the air around them is practically sparking from the chemistry they have between them!


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