* Review * REUNITED BY THE GREEK’S VOWS by Andie Brock

I voluntarily read an early copy of this book.

* Review * REUNITED BY THE GREEK’S VOWS by Andie BrockReunited by the Greek's Vows by Andie Brock
Published by Harlequin Presents on June 1, 2019
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A marriage on paper only…

…until long-hidden desires reignite!

Kate O’Connor is stunned when her ex-fiancé, self-made billionaire Nikos Nikoladis, storms back into her life with a shocking demand: to complete their previously abandoned trip down the aisle! He’ll gain the wife he requires to secure his goddaughter’s adoption and save Kate’s ailing company. In desperation, she agrees. But on an opulent honeymoon across Europe, these heated adversaries don’t anticipate their still-smoldering flame to explode into irresistible passion…


A whirlwind wedding! They were young loves with too many secrets between them to survive when real life came calling, but a re-connection now several years down the road is just what they both need! The characters were easy to get to know, and while the plot drug a bit in spots, the story was overall an interesting read.

Kate O’Conner is trying to save a sinking ship when it comes to running her father’s confectionery business. She knows both she and her mother made mistakes when learning the ropes, but she’s trying everything she knows to do in order to turn things around. Bottom line, she needs an investor … and fast!

Nikos Nikoladis needs a wife … a temporary one in order to help get custody of his goddaughter, but a wife none-the-less. What better choice than the one he would have had if her family and wealth hadn’t come between them. Now he’s the wealthy one with money to burn … and she’s just desperate enough to agree to marry him to save Daddy’s company!


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