* Review * SACKED IN SEATTLE by Jami Davenport

* Review * SACKED IN SEATTLE by Jami DavenportSacked in Seattle by Jami Davenport
Series: Men of Tyee #1
on August 19, 2017
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He's loved Tiff since high school--but tragedy has blockaded her heart. Tyee University football player Riley Black has carried a torch for Tiff since high school, but she's never felt the same way. As Riley enters his junior year of college, he's finally moving on and enjoying the perks of being a star athlete. Until one glimpse of Tiff unearths all those old feelings of longing and desire, not to mention the trauma of their shared past. Tiffani Vernon has been running from her demons for seven years. When she's forced to return to Seattle for financial reasons and attend the same college as Riley, she's confronted with the traumatic event which has shaped her future and scarred her memories of Riley. Tiff struggles to avoid her secret high school crush, but he's not having any of it. He's pursuing her with a relentless determination to prove once and for all, they were meant to be together. Can love finally heal their wounds or will they succumb to the pain and forever wonder what could have been?


Great friends, secret crushes and then it all exploded in their faces in a second, leaving them reeling. Two college students with a shared past have to confront the turmoil that’s always fresh in their minds in order to heal and see if they are capable of being around each other again. Great characters and a heart wrenching plot. Hoping to see more in this series!

Tyee University football player Riley Black has loved Tiff for years, but no matter how much he tried to be supportive of her and her needs, she never felt the same way. After she walked away, he spent a long time waiting for her to realize what they could have and come back … but he finally gave up and moved on with enjoying his college life and the perks of being a star athlete. Now with the turn of his head, his life has turned upside down … she’s back!

Tiffani Vernon has avoided this town and the memories it holds for as long as possible. Now because of financial issues, she is transferring to the same college where Riley goes. She is hoping to avoid him, but just her luck, she agrees to go to a party and there he is. He doesn’t know that she’s secretly been in love with him for years too … but just seeing his face brings too many visions slamming back into her head of the horror they went through together. Is there any way she can find the strength to try to heal with him instead of apart from him?



  1. Thank you so much for taking the time to read and review Sacked in Seattle. I appreciate your wonderful reviews over the past couple years.

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