* Review * SAN ANTONIO SECRET by Robin Perini

* Review * SAN ANTONIO SECRET by Robin PeriniSan Antonio Secret by Robin Perini
Published by Harlequin Intrigue on January 1, 2017
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A San Antonio rodeo may hold the key to finding the truth behind two missing people

When Sierra Bradford's best friend and goddaughter are abducted, she vows to find them at any cost. Sierra—shot at the scene of their kidnapping—checks in to a motel to treat her wounds. It's there that she encounters former Green Beret Rafe Vargas, who's come to her aid…and not for the first time. As his best friend's sister, Sierra is off-limits. But that hardly stops a powerful attraction from growing as they work together on an undercover sting operation to find her friend's adbuctors. Under the guise of a rodeo cowboy and his pregnant wife, Rafe and Sierra come to find out that the rodeo may be the key to their investigation—and their possible future.

Action packed and full of danger! You’re hooked from the start and the excitement doesn’t stop throughout. Great characters that are easy to get invested in.

Sierra Bradford is desperate to rescue her best friend and goddaughter who were abducted right in front of her. She was shot during the altercation, so she hunkers down in a motel room to tend to her wound and figure out where to go next in her search.

The minute Rafe Vargas hears that Sierra is in trouble, he tracks her down to come to her aid. They have history, and even though he’s not the type of guy for her, he cares about her well-being and plans to get her to safety as soon as possible.

They wind up going undercover as a couple in the rodeo to try to figure out what exactly her friend had been involved in that got her kidnapped … and grasp on to any lead that can might help find her and her daughter. Will their search be successful or has too much time passed already?



  1. Great review. I love romantic suspense. I wish I reviewed more of the genre over at The Harlequin Junkie blog, instead of just the Presents and Medical Lines of Harlequin. I’ll have to read this.

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