** Review ** SANCTUARY COVE Kate James

I voluntarily read an early copy of this book.

** Review **  SANCTUARY COVE  Kate JamesSanctuary Cove by Kate James
Published by Harlequin Heartwarming on March 1, 2017
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Can his safe haven be enough for her?

Emma Meadows never imagined that sticking to her principles against an act of corruption by a New York senator would cost her her job as VP of communications. Heartbroken, she retreats to her cottage in the Adirondacks to lick her wounds and, in the process, rescues an injured dog that only Josh Whitmore can save.

The veterinarian works diligently to bring dog and woman back to full fighting form, until allegations against the senator become more serious. Seeing Emma's reaction to the increasing pressure, Josh realizes that inevitably she'll find a way back to the top…and he'll likely lose her for good.

With her upcoming release, Kate James takes us on a journey of political corruption, shocking deceit, and finding the strength to stand up for what you believe in!  With her usual style of weaving emotion with intrigue, she shows us a wounded soul who still finds the strength to step up and do the morally right thing even when faced with a tarnished reputation, intimidation and the fear of exposure.

Happenstance of stumbling upon an injured dog brings veterinarian Josh Whitmore into Emma Meadows world shortly after she seeks the refuge of her vacation cottage in the Adirondacks.  She has come here yearning for peace while she heals from a controlling relationship that ended badly while taking her career and reputation down with it.  Little did Emma know that the scandal would follow her here as the charges against the Senator worsen and drag her deeper into the underworld of political corruption.

Josh enjoys his quiet life and practice here in the mountains, and getting to know Emma’s kind spirit only manages to intrigue him, so he’s not willing to give up on her even though she seems a bit skittish when he asks her out.  Over time, she relaxes and their bond over their dogs, their work and life in general grows and blossoms into a sweet relationship.  While Josh sees her through this recent crisis and hopes for a future with her, will Emma decide to stay and enjoy her happily ever after with him, or will she return to her former executive glory once her reputation recovers from the beating it took?



  1. I’m glad you enjoyed Sanctuary Cove, Lynn, and thank you for the wonderful review!

    Best wishes for a Christmas season filled with love and joy!


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