* Review * SAY I DO by Janice Maynard

* Review * SAY I DO by Janice MaynardSay I Do by Janice Maynard
Series: Southern Hearts #2
on January 29, 2018
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Even though Hannah has met the man of her dreams, she knows she can’t keep him. He’s far too normal and down to earth for her screwed up background. Even so, she can’t say no when Morgan puts a square-cut diamond on her finger. What she “can” do is drag her feet about setting a date. And then she comes up with an inspired plan. She tells Morgan she wants the two of them to go to premarital counseling…but it’s a brand new approach that focuses on sexual intimacy. She’s sure Morgan will say no, and she can continue to put off setting a date. But she has underestimated her fiancé. He calls her bluff. Soon the two of them are neck deep in therapy sessions that involve talking to other couples and after that, some very private role playing. What should have been easy and fun turns out to reveal the couple’s deepest desires, but their deepest fears and insecurities as well. Only when Morgan’s bedrock-solid life is shaken to its foundation by an unexpected event do he and Hannah finally end up on common ground and head for the altar.


A super quirky take on a romance … but in the end, it works! Hannah doesn’t believe in love and marriage … yet she’s engaged to the man of her dreams! Morgan is a great guy who is patient and loving with her as she works her way through her issues. It was really easy to dislike the way she treated him … but I also felt sorry for the life she had been subjected to early on that led to her hang-ups. It’s an unusual take on a romance, but by the end I was really invested in their story and pulling for their happy ending.

Hannah Quarles has found the man of her dreams … only she knows it won’t last! She’s seen too much in her time and knows that love doesn’t last forever. She shouldn’t lead him on, but he’s such a great guy! When he places a gorgeous engagement ring on her finger, she can’t help herself … she says yes! But now she has to figure out how to stall setting the date long enough for it all to fall apart beforehand.

Morgan Webber adores Hannah and wants to spend his life with her. He’s not so wrapped up in love that he can’t see that she’s hesitant and not really “all in” like he is. He only hopes his love will prove to her that he’s there to stay. When he pushes to set a date, she comes up with yet another delaying tactic … a new type of premarital counseling that centers on sex. Say what?!?! Oh she’s not going to get away with it this time, he’s going to call her bluff and do the counseling in exchange for a wedding date!


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