* Review * SCORING BIG by Kelly Jamieson

I voluntarily read an early copy of this book.

* Review * SCORING BIG by Kelly JamiesonScoring Big by Kelly Jamieson
Series: Bears Hockey II #3
Published by Kelly Jamieson on November 15, 2022
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Delaying treatment for my bum knee until the off season isn’t the smartest move, but hey, I’m a big dumb jock. And pro hockey players play, come hell or broken bones.

That stupid knee sends me sprawling in front of the prettiest lady in Central Park. She’s also smart, and kind, and she bonds with my young daughter Quinn over strawberry cheesecake ice cream. Can’t hurt to ask her out for coffee, right?

There aren’t many options for a laid-off au pair in New York City. I can’t live on couch surfing, ranty blogging, and less ranty freelance articles forever, but I won’t work with kids again. It’s too painful when it ends.

But coffee with a single dad can’t hurt, right? Maybe a second date. Heck, why not make it one steamy night in his bed? But when Nate has to go under the knife, he asks me to help care for his daughter. I don’t want to be a nanny again, but I can’t turn him down. I’ll just have to keep my guard up to protect my heart.


Another winner from Jamieson in her Bears Hockey II world! I was quickly hooked on Nate and Carly’s story as we are wrapped around adorable Quinn’s little precocious finger. I was invested in them from start to finish, but I wanted more development to that ending. More of where things were going from there and how it was all going to play out would have been ideal.

Carly is an interesting character who has a bit of growing up to do on how to handle turmoil in her life, but overall is a caring, goodhearted person. I enjoyed her.

Nate is a doll and a doting father to an adorable daughter. He might have a few blinders on when it comes to his ex, but he’s a solid guy.

I recommend this book as well as the entire series to anyone that enjoys a fun-loving hockey team who follow along with one another’s lives and cheer on the happily ever afters along the way.


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