REVIEW:  SEAL’s Ultimate Challenge — Elle Jame



I really enjoyed this book!  Hope there are more to come with the other character’s stories. 🙂

It starts out with Cory “Reaper” Nipton being injured in Afghanistan and sent to Walter Reed in Bethesda, MD to recuperate from his injury.  He meets his Physical Therapist, Leigha Fields, and is attracted to her and hates her all at the same time.  She works him super hard to goad him into seeing that he can still have a life even though he can’t be a SEAL anymore.  He finds himself falling for her, and the feeling is mutual, but it’s a taboo relationship.  #1, she’s his Physical Therapist and he’s her patient, #2, he’s engaged to Delaney O-Connell!

Through the story, Cory and Leigha grow closer when circumstances put her in danger, and he feels the need to protect her.  Will he stay true to his fiance, or will his feelings for Leigha win out?  Will he be able to keep her safe?  And what kind of life will he be able to lead if he’s not able to be a SEAL anymore?  Read to find out!  Highly recommend!

** Received free from Elle to review **

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