* Review * SEDUCTION ON HIS TERMS by Sarah M. Anderson

I voluntarily read an early copy of this book.

* Review * SEDUCTION ON HIS TERMS by Sarah M. AndersonSeduction on His Terms by Sarah M. Anderson
Series: Billionaires and Babies
Published by Harlequin Desire on February 1, 2019
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“Tell me what’s wrong so I can fix it.”

But on what terms?

When bartender Jeannie Kaufman leaves her job to care for her infant niece, Dr. Robert Wyatt, her favorite customer, offers the help she so desperately needs. Yet as sparks fly, the gruff, gorgeous heir to a fortune still holds back. Does Robert think she’ll never fit in his high-powered world? Or is there danger lurking if they take their romance too far?



Sarah M. Anderson is at the top of her game with her brand new release! I’ve read a lot of category romance through the thirty plus years that I’ve been a romance reader, and this is by far the most tortured hero that I’ve ever had the pleasure of watching evolve in the short span of this size of book. To be able to take such an emotionally stunted man and redeem him this quickly and so well took a tremendous amount of talent. Kudos Ms. Anderson!

When a family issue leaves bartender Jeannie Kaufman having to take a few days away from Trenton’s bar, she knows her favorite customer isn’t going to be happy. She’s the only one he wants to approach him, the only one who can make his drink correctly, the only one he talks to. Every weekday, at the exact same time of day, no exceptions.

Doctor Robert Wyatt needs Jeannie. When she doesn’t return to the bar the night she promised him she would, he knows something must be wrong. He tracks her down and finds that she’s unexpectedly been made the guardian of her brand new niece and sets out to help her when he sees how overwhelmed she is. It doesn’t take long for their attraction to flare into more as they work side by side, but he has a dangerous secret past that she knows nothing about. Can he bring himself to be honest with her and open her up to the ugly sins of his family?


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