* Review * SHEIKH’S BABY OF REVENGE by Tara Pammi

* Review * SHEIKH’S BABY OF REVENGE by Tara PammiSheikh's Baby of Revenge by Tara Pammi
Series: Bound to the Desert King #1
Published by Harlequin Presents on August 1, 2018
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He ruthlessly seduced her…

Now he’ll steal her for his heir!

Seeking revenge for his royal family’s rejection, warrior sheikh Adir seduces his brother’s innocent fiancée! But when he returns to steal Amira from the altar, he discovers their illicit encounter left her pregnant. Secluded in the desert, longing soon consumes them. But Adir’s baby must be legitimate—and he’ll claim his with a vow!


Royal scandal abounds! With the first book in the Bound to the Desert King quartet, Tara Pammi is tasked with the job of laying the groundwork of the royal family we are to become entrenched in, as well as bring us the ousted family member’s story. Adir’s plight is quick to grab our attention and the fast paced story line keeps it stoked throughout. I enjoyed it and look forward to the next book!

Sheikh Adir Al-Zabah has waited a long time to claim his rightful place in the Khalia royal family, and the blatant rejection he receives when he steps forward has him boiling mad. Who do these people think they are to treat him like he’s lower class than them? He’ll find a way to get his revenge!

Amira Ghalib is betrothed to Crown Prince Zufar of Khalia, but it’s not a happy union, and she’s easy to sway with kind words and affection when Adir encounters her outside the palace. He figures what better way to get his revenge than to help himself to the virginal bride to be, but when he returns to offer her a way out of the marriage she’s about to enter into, he discovers she’s carrying his child. Whisking her away to his desert paradise is easy, but can he convince her to marry for the sake of their heir?


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