* Review * SHE’S COUNTRY STRONG by Heatherly Bell

I voluntarily read an early copy of this book.

* Review * SHE’S COUNTRY STRONG by Heatherly BellShe's Country Strong by Heatherly Bell
Series: Wilder Sisters #2
on November 9, 2018
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When a disgraced country singer meets a wealthy rancher, sparks fly!

From enemies to lovers…

Sabrina Wilder’s scandal derailed her singing career, so when there’s interest from Nashville in staging a comeback, an image consultant is hired to repair her tarnished halo. But the handsome man she meets is stubborn, bossy, and issues orders. He wouldn’t recognize the word "please" if it lassoed him.

This Texas rancher is a fixer...

Damien “D.C” Caldwell works with celebrities to repair their damaged images. Now, he’s amassed a large enough fortune to retire and return to his beloved Texas. Tasked for one last job, D.C. heads to the beach town of Whistle Cove, California for what should be an easy fix.

When one night in Hollywood turns their relationship into a tailspin, these two opposites suddenly can’t stay away from each other. But they’re headed in two different directions for very different lives.

He’s headed to his ranch and a lifetime of peace and solitude...

She’s headed back to the bright lights of Nashville and a very public life...


A sweet return of the Wilder Sisters! With the next book in the series, we get the story of the one who blew their career away with one simple mistake. She has gone through the entire realm of emotions since her naive belief in people led her astray and took her Nashville dream down in the blink of an eye. Now she’s met her match in this big name fixer … but it just so happens that she intimidates him too, so we’ll see who wins in the end! The characters are well developed, but the plot was a bit slow moving for my liking. Never-the-less, this is a fun setting to read about, and D.C. ended up being a doll! I enjoyed it!

As the youngest sister in the Wilder Sisters country group, the business and life in Nashville and on a tour bus was all Sabrina Wilder ever knew. Her naive trust in people ended up being her downfall when she became the star of a scandal that stole their career. Her sister Lexi managed to overcome it all and make it back in with Luke’s help, and now they are wanting to ease her back into the public by sending an image consultant to break through the bad press.

Celebrity image fixer Damien Caldwell is doing a favor for Luke by handling this last job with Sabrina on his way into retirement. His head is already living the rancher lifestyle back in Texas, but he has to get this little prima donna straightened out before he can get there. Only once he gets to know her, he realizes she’s not what he was expecting at all .. and he likes her … too much!


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