* Review * SHUTDOWN PLAYER by Jami Davenport

* Review * SHUTDOWN PLAYER by Jami DavenportShutdown Player by Jami Davenport
Series: Seattle Sockeyes Hockey
Published by Cedrona Enterprises on April 27, 2018
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After a brief marriage to an unfaithful, gold-digging wife, Jared Roderick is looking for the perfect good girl, and he thinks he’s found her. Sweet, quiet, prim Stephanie Clarke is exactly the woman he wants and nothing like his cheating ex. Now to convince a reluctant Steph they were meant to be together.

Steph has had enough of men controlling her life from her preacher father to her abusive boyfriend. She wants to regain the innocence she lost and ignore the ugliness of her recent past. She’s not the pure and sheltered virgin Jared is looking for and fends off his advances despite the sizzling chemistry between them.

Jared is as determined to win Steph over as he is to win hockey games; but when his fantasy becomes tarnished, does he have the strength to skate the distance?


With the next book in the Seattle Sockeyes hockey series, we get Jared & Steph’s story. We’re familiar with them both from previously in the series, so the story flows well even from the start of the book. We get to see check in on some of our favorite previous characters along the way and watch Jared & Steph finagle their way through difficulties from their past still haunting them and seeing if they can overcome it all to be the support each other needs to move forward in a relationship. It wasn’t my favorite in the series, but I enjoyed it and it was a solid read!

Jared “Hot Rod” Roderick might still be feeling the pain from his recently ended marriage to a cheating gold-digger, but he’s not one to serial date or remain single for long. He loves being half of a relationship, so he’s setting his sights on finding the woman of his dreams. A sweet and loyal good girl … and he thinks he’s just met her!

Stephanie Clarke is doing whatever it takes to make ends meet while she picks up the pieces of her stomped on life. She recently got away from an abusive boyfriend and wants to turn her life around to be more of the person she truly wants to be instead of the things he coerced her into becoming. She’s far from the innocent angel that Jared is looking for, but he’s such a nice guy that she figures what can it hurt if he doesn’t know her past for just a little while.


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