* Review * SLEIGH BELLS IN THE SNOW by Claire McEwen

I voluntarily read an early copy of this book.

* Review * SLEIGH BELLS IN THE SNOW by Claire McEwenSleigh Bells in the Snow: A Christmas Wedding Story by Claire McEwen
Series: 12 Days of Heartwarming Christmas
on October 9, 2018
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Scarlett Ray owns a home décor shop full of Christmas cheer, but she isn’t feeling much holiday spirit. Her to-do list is overwhelming and it’s tough to navigate the first Christmas since her parents’ divorce. Then she learns that her landlord is planning to tear down the beautiful, historic building where she lives and works!

Chase Bailey hates to remove such a great looking building, but it’s falling apart and beyond repair. Plus, he needs to turn a profit so he can start a trust fund for his autistic brother. His decision seems simple until Chase meets his quirky, fiery tenant. Scarlett swears she’ll challenge him every step of the way to save the old building she loves.

Chase and Scarlett gear up for a fight, but the battle lines get blurry when they find themselves working on the same volunteer project. It’s hard to stay enemies when anger becomes friendship, and friendship feels a lot like love.


Touching, humorous and attention grabbing! They might have come together as enemies but this attraction that is flaring up between them is undeniable! A sweet holiday story that brings in a family atmosphere while taking us on the ups and downs of trying to fight the attraction you have for the person you consider the enemy. The cast is a lot of fun and I enjoyed the story line!

Scarlett Ray is having a tough holiday season this year. It’s the first one to roll around since her parents divorce, and old traditions are just not going to be the same anymore. It only gets worse when she gets a letter informing her she is going to have to move and finds out her Scrooge of a landlord is planning on tearing down the gorgeous historical she lives and works in … she can’t let this happen!

Chase Bailey loved the charming building he recently bought, but an inspection from his contractor puts it in the “there’s no hope” pile and he has no option but to tear it down and build something new. He can appreciate Scarlett’s passion for the building, but this feisty lady has no right to tell him what to do with his money. He needs to make sure his mom and autistic brother will never want for anything again!


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