** Review ** SLOW DANCE WITH THE BEST MAN Sophie Pembroke

I voluntarily read an early copy of this book.

** Review **  SLOW DANCE WITH THE BEST MAN  Sophie PembrokeSlow Dance with the Best Man by Sophie Pembroke
Series: Wedding of the Year
Published by Harlequin Romance on January 1, 2017
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Taming Hollywood's Best Man

Shy Eloise Miller has hidden from attention since her mother's scandalous affairs destroyed her family. So having to act as maid of honor in a glitzy celebrity wedding is her worst nightmare!

Under the glare of the world's media, she's paired with best man Noah Cross. On paper, this commitmentphobic Hollywood heartthrob is everything Eloise avoids. But soon he's unlocking Eloise's secret hopes, and tempting her to believe that her dreams of forever might come true…

A story about overcoming past wounds to heal and thrive when you spread your wings to follow your dreams!  I liked the main characters together, but I felt like the story was slow to develop, and it was fairly chaste.  When a sex scene came about, it was basically like a door was closed and you were left to draw your own conclusions about what happened, because it went from just about to happen, to them laying in bed afterwards.  I expected more connection and follow through considering the line it was published under, however, I did enjoy reading it.

Eloise Miller has spent her life trying to steer clear of attention and limelight.  After a childhood filled with drama, she is happy to live behind the scenes where it’s quiet and non-eventful!  When she is suddenly thrust into the job of filling in as maid of honor to her childhood arch nemesis in a very public celebrity wedding, it’s her worst nightmare come true!

Noah Cross isn’t thrilled about his best man duties to an acting acquaintance, but he’s there to do the job.  When he meets Eloise, he’s enthralled and can’t stop flirting with her.  She knows his reputation as a die-hard commitment-phobe ladies man, so there’s no way she’s going to be interested in him … or will she??


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