* Review * SMOKIES SPECIAL AGENT by Lena Diaz

* Review * SMOKIES SPECIAL AGENT by Lena DiazSmokies Special Agent by Lena Diaz
Series: The Mighty McKenzies #2
Published by Harlequin Intrigue on May 1, 2019
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She was on a mission to fix the past

And he was determined to help her…

For ten years, Remi Jordan has been hunting her twin sister’s kidnapper. When baiting a killer backfires, the FBI agent’s career and freedom are suddenly on the line. Joining forces with Smoky Mountains investigator Duncan McKenzie ups the ante, unleashing treacherous desire. Now, with another woman missing, Remi’s fighting a lot more than the ghosts of the past. Is she also ready to fight for her future?


A cold case comes to life in Lena Diaz’s second installment of The Mighty McKenzies series! I was on the edge of my seat many times throughout this story. The intrigue was top notch, the main characters were well-developed and easy to like and sympathize with and the romance in the midst of such turmoil was comforting. Really loving this series and the McKenzies … looking forward to more!

Ten years ago Remi Jordan’s twin sister disappeared into the woods, never to be heard from again. The cops couldn’t find any true suspect to pursue and they eventually set it aside. Remi let the injustice of not having answers fuel her passion to right a wrong and has spent the decade since as an FBI agent determined to one day find her sister.

National Park Service agent Duncan McKenzie thinks he’s come across a crazy person when he first sees Remi on a trail. Hours of chaos and confusion pass before he realizes her truth and sets out to help her find the answers she’s looking for. She might be on to something with this theory of hers about the park … and he’s going to enjoy spending time with her as they investigate.


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