* Review * SWAT STANDOFF by Lena Diaz

I voluntarily read an early copy of this book.

* Review * SWAT STANDOFF by Lena DiazSWAT Standoff by Lena Diaz
Series: Tennessee SWAT
Published by Harlequin Intrigue on July 1, 2018
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A SWAT team vanishes.

Can two partners put aside their differences to save them?

Playing hero backfires on sexy SWAT team member Blake Sullivan. He infuriates his partner, Donna Waters, as much as he attracts her. But before they can resolve their differences, they discover that the rest of their team have been kidnapped by an unknown assailant. Now as they race to rescue the small Tennessee town’s real heroes, they share a growing mutual trust…and a hot, life-changing connection.


Action packed and mysterious! With our latest visit to the Tennessee SWAT series, we walk into the middle of chaos when the majority of the team vanishes into thin air! It’s a fast paced story with secrets popping up here and there to keep the intrigue high. A great connection between the characters brings us a satisfying romance amidst all of the action.

As the newest member of the Destiny, Tennessee SWAT team Blake Sullivan is finding it hard to let go of some of his past experiences and become a true part of the team. He’s been partnered up with Donna for the last few months and as much as she tries to show him the ropes with how things are done here, he just keeps pushing people’s buttons and going his own route. A recent training exercise just might be the last straw!

SWAT officer Donna Waters likes Blake and wants him to succeed, but he needs to admit his faults and show the boss that he’s going to do better if he gives him another chance … only just when she’s going to get him to do so, the team has disappeared! Something is in play here and there’s a limited time for Blake and Donna to figure out what it is and rescue their team before it’s too late!


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