* Review * SWEET DREAMS by Leigh Duncan

I voluntarily read an early copy of this book.

* Review * SWEET DREAMS by Leigh DuncanSweet Dreams by Leigh Duncan
Series: The Orange Blossom Series #2
Published by Gardenia Street Publishing on September 8, 2017
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Sarah Bowen is trapped in Orange Blossom...and she’s desperate to escape.

The day Sarah dropped her college-bound best friends off at the airport, she vowed to follow in their footsteps...soon. While she worked in her family’s pie shop and socked away every spare dime toward her expenses at a world-renowned culinary school, she dreamed of the day she’d become a famous chef and open her own restaurant. But Sarah’s plans have simmered on the back burner when one disaster after another delayed her plans. Her friends have established careers and started families while she remained trapped in a small town filled with nosy matrons who frown as they look over her shoulder. It’s no wonder that resentment has added a bitter undercurrent to Sarah’s otherwise bubbly personality, the same way finely chopped liver creates depth in her bolognaise sauce.

On the hunt for the next big hit in his family’s ever-expanding line of snack foods, Craig Star doesn’t expect much when a feisty brunette hands him a slice of orange meringue pie and insists it will change his life. One bite convinces the confirmed bachelor he’s found more than the winning entry in this year’s Patty-Cake cook-off. But with his future on the line, Craig can’t help peppering Sarah with kisses during early morning runs through the town’s picturesque streets, any more than she can stop herself from falling in love with the handsome newcomer during the long nights they spend tinkering with recipes in the bakery’s kitchen.

But problems rise like cakes in an oven when Craig chooses a place in the boardroom over his love for Sarah, and she discovers that success comes at a cost that may put her family’s pie shop out of business. With the fate of her family and her town hanging in the balance, Sarah turns to her girlfriends for comfort and advice. Whatever she does next, this time, she knows she’ll have no one but herself to blame for the outcome.


A sweet return to Leigh Duncan’s The Orange Blossom Series! Can strong attraction make it worth their while to risk their business relationship if something more doesn’t work out between them? They are willing to take that chance! You’ll recognize several of the characters from the first book in the series. I didn’t get as connected in this story as I did the first, but still a pleasant follow up. Looking forward to the next one.

Sarah Bowen has been waiting her whole life to get out of small town Orange Blossom, Florida and see the world. Her dreams of becoming a chef haven’t exactly worked out. First one thing, and then another have kept her working hard at her family’s pie shop. She hasn’t given up on her dreams yet, but she’s starting to get to that point.

Craig Star is looking for his pot of gold that will get him the position in his family’s snack food business that he really wants. All that he needs is a delicious option to win this year’s cook-off competition. When he passes through Orange Blossom and is handed a slice of Miss June’s orange meringue pie, he’s convinced it could be just what he’s been looking for!


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