* Review * TAKEDOWN by Julie Miller

* Review * TAKEDOWN by Julie MillerTakedown by Julie Miller
Series: The Precinct Series
Published by Harlequin Intrigue on April 1, 2010
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SWAT Captain Michael Cutler's pulse was racing. He should have been thinking about the intense hostage crisis he'd just diffused. But he couldn't keep his mind off of her--Jillian Masterson, the leggy brunette who had come to him for protection from an obsessive stalker. He certainly hadn't been looking for love, especially with someone fifteen years his junior. But their chemistry was undeniable. As the stalker's threats intensified, Michael knew he'd go to any lengths to bring him down. Even if that entailed giving Jillian some very personal security....


Exciting read! When I heard that Julie Miller’s upcoming release KANSAS CITY COP was Mike Cutler Jr.’s story, I had to go revisit a blast from the past and re-read his dad’s story where we first met Mike! It was great the first time around, and now all these years later still just as attention grabbing and heart warming. The characters are easy to like and you find yourself routing for them to get together from the start. The added affection of the teenage boys makes for a well-rounded story. I really enjoyed it!

When Kansas City SWAT Captain Michael Cutler learns that his son’s physical therapist has a stalker, he steps in to help protect her. He’s already been attracted to her, but since he’s 15 years older than her and has done a whole world of living before her time, he hasn’t acted on it … but close proximity and her making it clear she feels it too makes it hard to resist!

Jillian Masterson adores the teens she works with as a physical therapist. Two of them in particular have snuck their way into her heart, so she inserts herself a little more than normal into their every day lives. She has a past she’s glad to have out-grown, but the letters and gifts she’s been receiving recently make her wonder if one part of it is coming back to haunt her. Can Michael help her get to the bottom of what’s going on? And can she convince him that the chemistry they feel needs to be acted on?


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