* Review * TEMPTED BY HER GREEK TYCOON by Katrina Cudmore

I voluntarily read an early copy of this book.

* Review * TEMPTED BY HER GREEK TYCOON by Katrina CudmoreTempted by Her Greek Tycoon by Katrina Cudmore
Published by Harlequin Romance on January 1, 2018
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Resisting her boss’s charms…

Loukas Christou needs a wife. For the luxury hotel tycoon, honoring his parents’ memory by acquiring their dream hotel should be simple. But to complete the deal he must be married. Enter temporary PA Georgie Jones, who offers to be his matchmaker!

Georgie never stays anywhere long-term—her mother’s abandonment proved that even the strongest relationships never last. She should be focused on finding Loukas a bride, but resisting the temptation of her Greek tycoon’s kiss is easier said than done!


Opposites attract! She’s happy and carefree … he’s serious and straight-laced — who could ever imagine the pair of them together? With a sweet love connection, we go on the journey of watching these two characters deal with their past guilt and desertion to finally wake up and see what’s standing right in front of them. Even though they think they can walk away with only a few nights together … in the end, it’s not that easy! A sweet story with fairly well developed characters and a fun plot.

Loukas Christou needs a bride … but only a temporary, convenient one! In order to make one of his late father’s dreams come true, he needs to be married to fulfill the contract to purchase a piece of property that would have meant the world to his mother and father. He works hard to keep their memory alive and their business thriving even though he has to fight his brothers and sister tooth and nail to do so sometimes. A wife to help keep his family on the straight and narrow would be an added benefit too!

Recently hired as his new temporary PA, Georgie Jones already has a great relationship with his siblings even if his first impression of her is quite flighty. She can’t deny he’s hunky and sends a thrill throughout her body with just one look, but she’s certainly not the type to do happily ever after. Her past issues lead her to flit from one project to another in life … but surely she can help him out right? Who doesn’t need a personal matchmaker when they’re looking for a convenient bride?


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