** Review ** TEMPTING THE BEST MAN Tanya Michaels

I voluntarily read an early copy of this book.

** Review **  TEMPTING THE BEST MAN  Tanya MichaelsTempting the Best Man by Tanya Michaels
Series: Wild Wedding Nights
Published by Harlequin Blaze on January 1, 2017
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A lesson in chemistry…

Back in college, Mia Hayes had a secret crush on fellow student Daniel Keegan, who was an obnoxious stuffed shirt. But she fantasized about turning Mr. Uptight into Mr. Hot Sex. Now Mia owns a successful event-planning business, and at a bachelor party she's organized, she runs into Mr. Uptight himself. And she's determined to show overly serious college professor Daniel how to loosen up a little…

Imagine Mia's surprise when she learns that Daniel has a deliciously wicked side—one that makes her knees weak with lust. It turns out Daniel is a whole lot more than she ever dreamed. But tempting the professor might have been the riskiest thing Mia has ever done. Because in their case, opposites don't just attract…they combust.


A sexy case of an opposites attract reunion!  The characters are fun and draw you into the story from the start.  Lots of steamy sexual chemistry with a side of sweetness as they bring out the best in each other and learn how to co-mingle without sticking their foot in their mouth!

College professor Daniel Keegan can’t believe his luck when he runs into his old college nemesis at a friend’s bachelor party.  She’s sexier than he even remembered, and he can’t resist eyeing the goods and flirting …

Mia Hayes isn’t surprised that good old stuffed shirt Daniel is a boring professor, but she is shocked to learn that he has a naughty side!  Who knew that once you worked out the uptight kinks in his demeanor, a sexy, fun guy lived beneath!

Their time together is a blast, but there are a few speed bumps in the road as his straight-laced life attempts to intermingle with her wild and carefree one.  Opposites might attract, but can they last forever??


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